Get to Know Our Fayetteville Manufacturing Plant

Our Fayetteville Manufacturing Facility is located in the heart of Tennessee and has become a mainstay manufacturer in the Fayetteville community.  This plant builds custom crates and pallets for companies in Tennessee and other surrounding areas.

While we have lots of manufacturing equipment located at this particular plant, we are especially proud of our high output custom pallet assembly machine – It’s fast, accurate, and allows us to increase our volume on custom pallets significantly.

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Capabilities at Fayetteville Manufacturing Facility

Our Fayetteville Manufacturing Facility is well-equipped to meet a wide variety of industrial packaging needs. This plant has the capability to assemble custom pallets and crates for select customers.

In addition, the Fayetteville Manufacturing Facility also provides backup for several other plants when unavoidable production disruptions happen.  All of our plants operate with this kind of redundancy to make sure that we can always deliver products to our customers on time.  Whether it’s truckloads of custom pallets or crates, our Fayetteville Manufacturing Facility can handle it.


260 Chenault Ford Rd.
Fayetteville, TN 37334

Direct: 931-433-1163
Fax: 931-433-1163

Plant Location

Just 45 minutes north of Huntsville, AL, and 20 minutes east of Interstate 65, the Fayetteville Manufacturing Facility is uniquely positioned between a major city and an important travel artery.

This allows our deliveries coming to and from the Fayetteville Manufacturing Facility to efficiently make their way across the region to bordering states and beyond.  If you’re an area manufacturer, the Fayetteville Manufacturing Facility is ready and able to serve you.

Our Fayetteville Manufacturing Facility, also provides redundancy in our production by being a backup for several of our other locations throughout the nation.