All About Our Haslet Manufacturing Facility

Our Haslet manufacturing facility was Conner’s first manufacturing location and is located in Fort Worth, Texas. It serves the whole Dallas (DFW) Metroplex, and surrounding area custom crates, pallets, and other transportation packaging products.

With over 40 years of experience at this particular location, our Haslet manufacturing facility is optimized to serve our customers’ transportation packaging needs. We have the capability to custom make any of the packaging you need using our total cost approach, so you get the best return on investment.

Our Products

Operational Strengths

Haslet assembles a wide variety of transportation packaging, including custom pallets, crates, and hybrid configurations, using state-of-the-art assembly equipment alongside our own expert assembly personnel.  If you’re looking for industrial packaging, the Haslet Manufacturing Facility can handle it.

Lastly, our Haslet plant also works as a backup location for several other plants when production disruptions or emergencies arise.  All of our plants operate with this kind of redundancy to make sure that we can always deliver products to our customers on time.  Whether it’s truckloads of custom-cut crates or custom pallets, our Haslet Manufacturing Facility has you covered.


1951 Keller Hicks Road
Fort Worth, TX 76177

Direct: 817-439-3555
Fax: 817-439-3921

Plant Location

Located in Haslet, Texas, just 15 minutes north of Fort Worth, the Haslet Manufacturing Facility has been helping customers in the great DFW metroplex for over 40 years. Less than a mile from Interstate 35W, the Haslet plant has easy access to a main highway.

The shipping and receiving hours for our Haslet Manufacturing Facility are 8 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. on workdays.

The History of Haslet

Established in 1981, our Haslet Manufacturing Facility was where Conner Industries got its start. Starting from humble beginnings, Conner originally remanufactured and distributed lumber products from this sole location, and it served as our headquarters for several years.

From this location, Conner has continued to grow to 17 locations throughout the United States and has become one of the leaders in transportation packaging. Our corporate office is now just a few miles away from Haslet and we maintain the strong ties to one another with many corporate employees visiting the plant daily. We are proud of where we started and can’t wait to see the continued growth ahead.