Streamlined Integrated Packaging for Industrial Transportation Needs

Integrated packaging solutions provide manufacturers with cost-effective industrial transportation packaging solutions that help reduce your costs and increase your ROI.

Do Your Products Need Extra Protection?

Conner specializes in crafting custom multi-material integrated packaging solutions to best suit your product perfectly, while streamlining your supply chain through utilizing a wide variety of materials, including wood, corrugate, industrial foam, and plastics to protect your products during transit.

Our consultative approach allows us to help customers address a wide variety of challenges, ultimately driving down the total cost associated with transportation packaging. From materials and labor to transportation and mitigating damage during transit, Conner comprehensively addresses every aspect to benefit your bottom line and reduce overall costs.

Integrated Packaging Solutions

Packaging for A Wide Variety of Industries

Here at Conner, we serve a variety of industries for custom pallets, crates, and integrated packaging solutions. This type of protection packaging require the use of multiple types of materials to keep your products safe, such as wood, corrugate, foam, and plastics.

While we can handle just about any project, we have found that the appliance, HVAC, and automotive markets are most in need of integrated packaging solutions.

Custom Packaging Solutions

The perfect integrated packaging solution will be different for each customer, that is why we never use a one-size-fits-all approach. Your unique challenges deserve unique solutions. We know that our customers demand innovative, comprehensive, solutions tailored with a high level of logistic service and supply chain support.

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The Real Cost of In-Transit Damage

In-transit damage costs American businesses millions each year, with a chain reaction that can lead to that number going higher and higher. Most see in-transit damage as a logistical problem, but the root of the problem may be in your packaging design, material handling, or storage procedures. Conner can help to lower in-transit damage and save money by creating integrated packaging solutions that protect products in transport.

Integrated Packaging Solutions for a Healthy Supply Chain

When searching for a packaging supplier, you may be focused on finding someone to create smart secondary and tertiary packaging to protect your product while it is in-transit from your manufacturing facility to its final destination.

Though that IS an important goal, Conner sees integrated packaging an industrial foam as more than just protection. We are dedicated to finding the perfect packaging solution to optimize your supply chain and save you money. That is the primary reason why we use a Total Cost Approach.

Our integrated packaging division provides you with a total solution that accounts for every aspect of your business and supply chain to maximize your profit margin. We understand how important it is to balance inventory, transportation, distribution, and manufacturing to keep your production line moving.

We also know that lowering your storage and transportation costs with the perfect integrated packaging solution is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to optimize your supply chain.

Discover how we can optimize your supply chain.

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Optimizing Your Supply Chain

How Conner Can Help You

With over 40 years of experience, Conner Packaging is a leading expert in the industrial packaging industry. We understand that packaging is never a one-size fits all solution and that your integrated packaging solutions should be tailored to your specific needs. We start by listening to your concerns, so that we gain a comprehensive knowledge of your products, processes, and operations. We know that our customers expect innovative, all-encompassing solutions that lead to efficient supply chains.

We have 17 locations nationwide, so we can meet demands and always have redundancies in place. Don’t get caught waiting on an unreliable supplier, contact us today!