Integrated Packaging Products for Any of Your Transportation Needs

Conner Packaging offers a wide range of integrated packaging products tailored to your specific needs and your industry requirements. We take into account the products you manufacture, how your product is transported, your material handling, and even your storage needs. We provide industrial manufacturers with cost-effective integrated packaging solutions that are customized to fit your product and designed to optimize your supply chain.

Our team approach provides you with a complete solution with the capabilities to use a wide variety of packaging materials.

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Integrated Packaging Products

Integrated Packaging Solutions You Can Rely On

There are a wide variety of integrated packaging products that can be used to find the perfect packaging solution for your products. While we regularly work with all of these products when we’re working with customers to find the right integrated packaging products, we do not sell these materials separately, and we only use them as part of a complete integrated packaging solution.


Wood is often a component of an integrated packaging solution. Sometimes it’s used as the foundation for the rest of the packaging as a pallet, crate, skid, or container, while other times wood can be used for bracing, supports, dividers, etc.


Foam is very common in integrated packaging because it does a great job protecting products. We have different types of foam for different situations, often used as fitment, corner/edge protection, and cushioning. This is an especially good material for the Aerospace and Defense industry.

Corrugate and Paper

Paper and corrugate (otherwise known as cardboard) are used in a wide variety of integrated packaging products, from cardboard cartons to wrapping for fragile products. Cardboard and paper are most often used as fitments, dividers, slip sheets, boxes, cartons, trays, and hoods.


Plastics are a versatile part of many different integrated packaging solutions. It’s not unusual to see them in corrugated sheets, bags, bins, boxes, banding/stripping, wrapping, and films.

Every Packaging Challenge is Unique

Your challenges are unique, your solutions should be too. With nearly 40 years of experience in the transportation packaging industry, we know that integrated packaging products are an essential part of your packaging solution as a whole. That is why we start with a deep understanding of your needs and a clear definition of the challenges you’re facing. Integrated packaging products do not provide a one-size-fits-all solution.

We know that our partners demand innovative, comprehensive integrated packaging solutions delivered with a high level of logistic service and supply chain support. Our consultative approach to integrated packaging solutions allows us to customize packaging and service programs that achieve long-term cost control.

Choosing the right integrated packaging products can make all the difference in the total cost of your solution, and the right products can reduce the cost of in-transit damage. Contact us to see how we can help you today!