All About Our Lewisburg Manufacturing Facility

The Lewisburg manufacturing facility is our first plant to specialize in integrated packaging.  Our integrated packaging division provides industrial packaging solutions with a broad range of manufacturing and service products, and utilizes combinations of wood, corrugate, plastic, and foam to create protective industrial packaging that optimizes supply chains and reduces the total cost of packaging.

Located in Lewisburg, Tennesse, this facility primarily serves customers in Tennessee, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas.  While integrated packaging is still Lewisburg’s primary focus, it also produces wood packaging, such as pallet lumber and notched stringers.


681 Heil Quaker Avenue
Lewisburg, TN 37091

Direct: 931-270-6540
Fax: 931-270-6640

Plant Location

Located in Lewisburg, Tennessee, south of Nashville and toward the middle of the state, the Lewisburg Manufacturing Facility has easy access to Highway 65.

Shipping and receiving hours for our Lewisburg Manufacturing Facility run from 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

The History of Lewisburg

We acquired the Lewisburg Manufacturing Facility in 2019, when it was still called Rosemill Packaging.  After that acquisition, the facility became the cornerstone of Conner’s integrated packaging division.

Not only does the facility provide integrated packaging and wood products, but it also offers unique services, such as repackaging and 3PL services to its top-tier enterprises in the HVAC, Automotive, Appliance, and Packaging industry sectors.

Following the acquisition of RoseMill Packaging, Conner further expanded its integrated packaging division with the addition of our Montgomery location in November 2019 and the Tulsa location in January 2020.

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