Pallets for All of Your Packaging Needs

Pallets are the foundation of transportation packaging and keep your production line moving. At Conner, we know that thousands of manufacturers rely on quality pallets to get their products where they need to be. No matter if you’re looking for a 2-way, 4-way, or customized wooden pallet, Conner can help assemble the perfect packaging for you.

Custom Pallets

No matter what dimensions you are looking for in a pallet, we have you covered! From smaller appliances with specific dimensions to heavy machinery equipment, Conner can make the perfect custom pallet for your needs. We have helped customers in many industries to find the pallet that works best to optimize their supply chain.


Unique Solutions

Perfect pallets are more than just dimensions. It requires knowledge of every aspect of your supply chain. At Conner, we take pride in finding the unique solution to any unique problem you may be facing. Our engineers and experienced design team are committed to developing pallets that are both cost-effective and secure.

Preventing In-Transit Damage

In-transit damage costs American businesses millions each year, with a chain reaction that can lead to that number going higher and higher. Most see in-transit damage as a logistical problem, but the root of the problem may be in your packaging design, material handling, or storage procedures. Conner can help to lower in-transit damage and save money by creating packaging solutions that protect products in transport.

Conner Packaging OPTIMIZES Your Supply Chain

Optimizing your supply chain may not seem like an important facet of your business, but it can make a big difference in your ROI. Conner Packaging prides itself in taking the time to look at handling requirements, current supply chain processes, how your products are shipped, and any conditions your product may face during transit before customizing packaging. Our production team is dedicated to finding the best possible pallet and transportation packaging solution to meet your supply chain needs.

How Conner Can Help You

With over 40 years of experience, Conner Packaging is a leading expert in the industrial packaging industry. We understand that packaging is never a one-size fits all solution and that pallets should be tailored to your specific needs. We start by listening to your concerns, so that we gain a comprehensive knowledge of your products, processes, and operations. We know that our customers expect innovative, all-encompassing solutions that lead to efficient supply chains.

We have 17 locations nationwide, so we can meet demands and always have redundancies in place. Don’t get caught waiting on an unreliable supplier, contact us today!