Industrial Foam to Protect Fragile Products

Foam inserts provide manufacturers with tailored solutions for military and industrial transportation packaging to help to reduce total cost and minimize in-transit damage.

Exploring the Versatility of Industrial Foam

Conner specializes in crafting custom multi-material integrated packaging solutions to best suit your product, this includes a wide range of foam materials tailored exactly to your needs. No matter what industry you are in, we can help to make sure that all specific requirements and timelines are met. We currently work with customers in Prime and Sub-Military industries, with several well-known military contractors and hundreds of industrial customers.  We are focused on growing our medical, industrial, military, and government reach by dedicating personnel and training resources to uncover opportunities.

With our industrial foam, we strive to reduce in-transit damage, cut freight expenses, and benefit your bottom line.  Whether you’re working to overcome a specific challenge with your current supplier, or you’re just looking for more information on a particular product to meet your current supply chain needs, we are here to help!


Types of Foam Products Offered


Polyethylene Foam

Polyethylene Foam is a closed cell waterproof foam and comes in many different densities and colors.

Material is available in thicknesses ranging from 1/32″ thick to 1/2″ thick for rolls and 1/2″ to 3″ is sheets. 1.2 PCF foam is to most used make inserts or end caps for lightweight electronics and items that just need abrasion protection.

MIL Specs

  • MIL spec MIL-A-A-59136 Class 1 Grade A (Natural, Black)
  • MIL spec MIL-A-A-59136 Class 1 Grade B (Anti static)
  • MIL spec MIL-A-A-59136 Class 1 Grade C (Fire Retardant)
  • MIL spec MIL-A-A-59136 Class 1 Grade D (Anti static & Fire Retardant)

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane Foam is very commonly used in packaging because it has the largest variety of densities, and it is the most cost effective of the standard foams we carry.  Its dark color helps to keep your inserts looking better longer.  This is especially important when you reuse your polyurethane foam inserts.


  •   Meets MIL spec MIL-P-26514F Type I, Class 2, Grade C


  •   Meets MIL spec MIL-P-26514F Type III, Class 2

Aircraft Fuel Tank Foam

  • Aircraft Fuel Tank Foam structure only reduces fuel volume by 2-4%
  • Meets FAA requirements (Advisory Circular AC 120-98A (Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction or FTFR) and FAR 25.981
  • Fuel cell foam is a flexible, lightweight, 3-dimensional polymer fire screen that has helped prevent fuel tank fires


  • Helps prevent fuel tank fires caused by gunfire, electrical ignition, lightning strike and static discharge and is also believed to reduce the effects of post-crash fuel fires
  • Minimal out-gassing from foam
  • Very light weigh and easy to install
  • We fabricate to your drawing or 3D model and cut the foam on all 5 axis

Crosslink Polyethylene


  • Closed Cell Foam
  • Can be Water Jet Cut, Die Cut, CNC Milled, Laminated, Thermoformed, and pressure formed
  • Bacteria, chemical, grease, mold, oil, & solvent resistant
  • Tear and Puncture resistant


  • Yoga or work mats
  • Point of sale packaging
  • Hard shell case inserts
  • Clean Room Packaging
  • Gaskets

Reticulated Polyurethane

We carry two different types of Reticulated Polyurethanes. Black Filter foams and Natural Color outdoor upholstery foams.

Filter Foam (FF) Main Use: Dry cleaning filters.


  • Special open cell design contains 98% voids volumes
  • Various pore sizes available that meet your specifications
  • Compression Ratio’s up to 20:1 to increase filtering properties
  • Quick drying outdoor upholstery foam main use: Outdoor furniture.


  • Available with Flame retardants to meet California 117 certifications
  • Contains additives to prevent the growth of fungus, mold, and mildew
  • Available in 6 different densities ranging from extra soft to extra firm

Phenolic Honeycomb

Packaging specializes in providing flexible packaging products to a variety of markets such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, health & beauty, pet food, and other consumer products Aerospace Phenolic Honeycomb.


  • Can be fabricated into the same shapes as wood or foam.
  • Max size 3″ x 48″ x 96″
  • Meets MIL spec AMS-C81986,1998 (MIL-C-81986)
  • Stock Cell size is .185″ (More cell sizes available)
  • Stock Density 2.1 lb./cu. ft. (More densities available)

Integrated Packaging Solutions for a Healthy Supply Chain

When searching for a packaging supplier, you may be focused on finding someone to create the perfect foam fit to protect your product while it is in-transit from your manufacturing facility to its final destination.

Though that IS an important goal, Conner sees integrated packaging as more than just protection. We are dedicated to finding the perfect packaging solution to optimize your supply chain and save you money. That is the primary reason why we use a Total Cost Approach.

Our integrated packaging division provides you with a total solution that accounts for every aspect of your business and supply chain to maximize your profit margin. We understand how important it is to balance inventory, transportation, distribution, and manufacturing to keep your production line moving.

We also know that lowering your storage and transportation costs with the perfect integrated packaging solution and foam inserts is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to optimize your supply chain.

Discover how we can optimize your supply chain.

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Optimizing Your Supply Chain

How Conner Can Help You

With over 40 years of experience, Conner Packaging is a leading expert in the industrial packaging industry. We understand that foam is never a one-size fits all solution and that your integrated packaging solutions should be tailored to your specific needs. We start by listening to your concerns, so that we gain a comprehensive knowledge of your products, processes, and operations. We know that our customers expect innovative, all-encompassing solutions that lead to efficient supply chains.

We have 17 locations nationwide, so we can meet demands and always have redundancies in place. Don’t get caught waiting on an unreliable supplier, contact us today!